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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that isn't listed here? Reach out to us!

Q: Why does knowing the history of my home matter?

A: Most practically, knowing the history of your home (when it was built, when major changes were made, the materials used, etc.) can help you when completing renovations and may save you from costly repairs and causing irreparable damage down the road. More so, understanding your house's history, along with the lives and stories of those who have called it home, allows you to even better appreciate its quirks and charm. There are few places we spend more time than our homes. Shouldn't we learn a little more about the place we spend so much time?​

Q: How is the research completed?

A: Research is done by compiling information through databases and printed records. We utilize,,,, and other miscellaneous sites depending on the need. Additionally, our researchers use historical records found at county deed offices, historical societies, and locally written books. 

Q: I want to do some research myself, but I need some help getting started. Do you have an option for this?

A: Absolutely! Our Timeline option will provide you with dates and names of previous residents, but without the detailed stories- providing you with a jumping off point to start your own research. From there you can don your detective cap and start your search! 

Q: How long will it take for Household History to complete the research?

A: We ask that you allow us at least 6 weeks to complete all research. At this point, all research is done manually by one person. The 6 weeks allows us time to research online, order and utilize primary sources, and visit historical societies and offices to procure accurate and detailed information, as well as time to create the product you’ve ordered at the highest quality. 

Q: What if you can’t find much information on my house? 

A: As with most things, every house is different. Sometimes information has been recorded diligently, sometimes sparsely, and sometimes-- unfortunately-- not at all. Household History will do our best to compile as much accurate information we can find on your home. However, if the information proves to be few and far between, we will communicate that to you as soon as possible in order to offer a refund or discount. 

Q: What areas does Household History service?

A: Currently, Household History focuses on clients in Michigan. However, we would be more than happy to work with out of state clients! If you’re a client from out of state, please contact us directly. 

Q: I’m a business owner and want a graphic designed to display. Can you do this? 

A: Of course! After ordering, we will message each customer to find out what they need. We are committed to working with you to produce exactly what you want! 

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