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Finding History at Home

Welcome to Household History

Household History is an independent company I started in April 2021. We specialize in uncovering the histories of homes and properties, along with the social histories of previous owners and families. 
A history-buff since childhood, I've always been fascinated with putting together the puzzle that is the past. My passion for history reached new heights when I purchased my own historic home in downtown Fenton, Michigan. I became obsessed with uncovering every detail from my home's past: its small beginnings as a one-story structure in 1840, its additions in 1860, its time as a duplex and the "town eyesore" from 1940-1990, and its complete renovation in 1995. I spent every second I could researching, digging through historical records, and piecing together the story bit by bit. Learning of the lives who existed in the place I now call home has allowed me to appreciate it so much more. I knew that I wanted to be able to provide that insight and appreciation for others. 
I am so happy you're here. I look forward to helping you discover the history behind your front door!

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